Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Porridge, passion fruit and penalties..

The day started with porridge and passion fruit, which was a real treat. For the rest of the morning, we worked on site, whilst shouting our newly learnt chichewa words (to the amusement of the locals!). Bulesani wheeliba! Bulesani madz! Sanga sanga! (Bring wheelbarrow, bring water, faster faster).

The partition wall between the two classrooms was put up today by Anneka, Freya, Caitlin and About whilst the rest of the team hoed the playground to make it flat. Alice and Elizabeth helped Stevie make another shelf out of bamboo for the tambala (drying rack), which is now complete and is being put to good use!

In the afternoon we had a group outing to the youth group of a nearby village, where we played with the kids and had a big game of football. Well done to preet for her amazing penalty goal! Many of us found the steep walk up hill hard and had forgotten how unfit we were, but it was made worth it by the beautiful view out over Manyenje, and sitting under the Wisdom Tree at the top of the hill. Everyone enjoyed a great dinner of veggie burgers (thanks to cooks Izzie and Alice!) and are now ready for bed. Night!

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