Thursday, 17 July 2014

Getting into the swing of things

This morning half the team went on a short hike to a nearby village. 

Lydia, Niamh, Alice, Anika, Hebe and Anastasia visited a feeding centre in Mwandika and aided the workers at feeding time and played with the children whilst the rest of us stayed behind and worked on levelling out the playground and and helped out at the local feeding centre, where Anneka, Elizabeth, Megan and Caitlin organised a scavenger hunt whilst Izzi, Freya and I played educational games and songs with the children. 

We were reunited for lunch and then spent the afternoon at the brick kilns and doing home improvements. Before dinner, some of us played a variation of a baseball game with the children. 

Dinner was an exciting meal of scrambled eggs and sticky rice (egg fried rice) with stir fried vegetables with mandazis for desert.

Stars of the day:
Niamh for her constant resourcefulness and approachability day and night!

Lydia for her communication skills at the feeding centre today and Megan for her constant positivity and enthusiasm (and her ketchup and galaxy chocolate).
Go Megan!

Also a message from Annie who didn't get chance to write yesterday:

'Dear all,
Sorry I haven't written earlier, we've all been very busy - I am actually alive and breathing. I am powering on. Mum I hope you don't have a stressful last week. Cam I hope you didn't have too much fun on army camp and you had blisters like me. Hour the house wasn't too empty this week. Dad keep on working. Miss you all loafs and love you all. Hugs and kisses see you at Heathrow. LOL. Anastasia x' 


  1. Hi Iz ~ sorry for delay in tweet - couldn't get it to post!! So happy that you are all having such a fantastic time ~ hard work but so worth all your efforts ~ loving your posts each day & the wonderful photos of you all - great bandanas! Mean we can pick you out in the shot ~ everyone is soo proud of you all ~ keep up the good work - love you so much Xx

  2. Hi Niamh, it's your loving brother Finn :-). Can you see if you can stay for a few extra weeks :-). Lots of love Finn

  3. Hi, Anastasia
    Loved your message - we are all missing you loads. Cameron only had one blister so you are the winner! I am very proud of the work you are all doing and I am sure the children really appreciate it. Can't wait to hear all your stories, lots of hugs and kisses xxxooo