Thursday, 24 July 2014

Elephants, dams and picnics

A brief posting today as the team have been so busy!

They had an awesome boat safari yesterday on the Shire River, with hippos and crocodiles a plenty and a very close encounter with an elephant who wanted to take a closer swim near them! 

This morning after another amazing early morning 4x4 safari with loads more elephants they headed off for a picnic at the Zomba dam.

After setting up camp at the trout farm on Zomba Plateau they had dinner at Kuchawe Inn and are now sitting round the campfire playing Mafia! A great day as their next to last before heading home.. 


  1. Terry Family
    Good evening Mrs Middleton and Mr Tothill and Team 2 Girls
    Thank you Mrs M and Mr T for supporting the girls and giving them an amazing experience in Malawi. We hope you have enjoyed your time with Inspire as much as the girls obviously have. The daily blogs have been a fantastic way of keeping up to date with you all, and judging from the family feedback from other group members we all feel the same way. This safari sounds like a great adventure. What a way to be ending such a trip of a lifetime. Keep well everyone and we look forward to you all getting home safely and telling us lots about your travels.
    Sleep on the plane; you must be tired.
    English food awaits you!
    Jacqueline & Colin Terry x:)

  2. Hi Team 2!
    I'm so excited now! You guys look like you have had so much fun! Reading about it all has been so useful and I'll make sure I pass on your advice to Team 3. All I'm nervous about now is whether we can top your amazing blog posts! Looking forward to hopefully seeing you as we cross paths in Blantyre! Miss Johnson

  3. Hi Niamh

    We are so proud of you. Enjoy your last few days and we can't wait to see you on Sunday. Finn and I are finally on holiday now. Yippee.

    Lots of love from us all
    Mum xx

  4. Hi Fizzle. wow, what an amazing adventure you're having. Immy has just come down because there's a bug in her room - that won't be a problem for you any more I bet! Make sure you enjoy every last second of your fantastic trip. We cannot wait to hear the stories when you return. This might be the final message we can send so, just in case, have a good journey home, see you on Sunday morning, and thanks again to Mrs M and Mr T. Lots of love, Dad and Mum. Xx

  5. Hi Freya. Another great day! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures when you get back. It's Rowan's birthday tomorrow so we'll have a slice of cake for you. Can't wait to see you on Sunday although the house will be really quiet as the boys will be in Cornwall with Auntie Jane - don't worry we'll be heading down to meet them as soon as you're rested. Big love to you. Mum xx

  6. Can't believe your adventure is nearly over, you all look so amazingly well. Trying to decide if you will want a roast or bbq to welcome you home hebe. Getting a taste of what it will be like when you go off to uni in two years and can't say we are anywhere near ready for that yet. Everyone is missing you so much, home is not the same and there is always cheese in the fridge. Have a great last day and fab journey home. Love mum and everyone at home.

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  8. Megan,
    You look as though you are all enjoying your 'chill out' time with these safaris..What an amazing experience.
    Can't wait to hear all your stories and see your photos.Hope you have enjoyed your last day.Have a safe journey home,don't watch too many films on the flight home....sleep !
    Looking forward to giving you a big hug,
    love Mum x

  9. Hi caity it's Heidi, excited to see you on Sunday!!!!! Hope your having an amazing time I am very jealous :( miss you, not long now !!! Xxxxxx love ya