Sunday, 20 July 2014

Day 9: Bush Telegraph

Today's post from the girls who are retiring early and have therefore decided on the telegraph format and shortened word count:


The girls are really happy to have had so many comments read to them at dinner and are raring to go and make the most of their last days on site!

We hope now that the walls will be complete and possibly that the roof may even be on in time for group 3 so fingers crossed all goes well this week!!!


  1. Hi Lydia. Us again. We all missed you at the Vogelburgs last night. Hannah was missed too - grounded again.... Have been stocking up on peanut butter and grapes ready for your return. And am still keeping those 2 ugly sisters out of your wardrobe. luckily your not so Cinderella feet are so big that your shoes don't fit any of us! Talking of which your yellow birkenstocks have arrived. We are so proud of what you are doing with the build, and the children and the community. You will be sad to leave ...but we will be very happy to see you! Keep calm and keep going love Mims, Pims, P and A xxxxx

  2. Hi Alice

    We love the traditional skirts! You all look beautiful.
    We are all missing you lots. Rich is really missing you, and asks every morning how many sleeps til you are home. He had a fight last week with a toilet seat (long story!) and now has one heck of a black eye. Rich is sat next to me now and wants to say to you: "I love you. Have you built the building yet? Can you show us a picture of what the building looks like at the moment?".
    We hope you found all the jokes we wrote in your journal. Awful, aren't they?!
    We take it in turns to keep checking the blog every night until we see the latest posting. The photos have been fab. It looks like you are all having the most incredible time. We can't wait to see you and hear all your stories.
    love you
    Mum, Dad, Maya, Richard and Ollie xxxxx

  3. Dear caity and team 2, looks like you are all doing a great job and having lots of fun!!! Keep up the good work! Caity we can't wait to see you on Sunday looking forward to seeing all your photos and hearing all about it. Miss you loads, I will be getting lots of bananas in for you when you get back! Love mummy and daddy xxxx

    Hi caity it's Evie, I miss you loads! Managed to do my Tsukahara at gym but I did land on my face in the pit!!! Can't wait till you come back on the trampoline with me been wanting to do the back drop thing for ages! See you soon love you xxxx

  4. Hi Freya. Love every blog and a the amazing pictures. It really gives us a sense of what you're doing. You all look amazing in the skirts - hope you're bringing them home! Rowan got back from CCF camp yesterday and is shattered. He had a brilliant time but said it was v v tiring......I suspect you'll be saying the same thing next weekend!!! Christie's play went really well and he was the star of the show and made everyone cry. It's the blessing at the church for the school leavers tomorrow so I shall go tissues in hand - I just hope I don't cry as much as I did when you left primary school!! Really missing you but know you are safe and happy. Sending our love across the world to you xxxxxx Mum, Rowan and Christie.

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  6. HI Hebe, love the new skirts go well with the t shirts. Had a curry last night and thought about you missing it. Dawn is here from south Africa and was sorry to miss you. She hopes to pop in before we leave for Canada. She left you a pressie. Abi has moved into your room because she is missing you, but I will evict her in time for your return. Noticed how cheap my food bill was without all your cheese, chocolate and ice cream, but will stock up for a special meal next Sunday. Continue to miss you loads and can't wait to see you but love to hear your daily reports. Make sure you get a photo of the finished building. Mega love mum and all at home.

  7. Morning Annie
    Loving the skirts and the different style blogs generally; you look great as a group all dressed up. According to the blogs you have done some great work and made good progress so it's a big well done to you all. It will be good to see the photos you have taken when you get home. By the time team 3 arrive you will be off on your next family adventure. We are wondering what food from home you are missing most? It is good that Izzy is back home now as she can help pack for Mexico. When we see you on Sunday we will give you a massive hug. We are thinking you will be tired but excited! Have a great day.
    Mummy x

  8. Hi Izzi ~ love the photo of you all looking so fabulous ~ & love the posts each day ~ hope you are feeling very proud of what you are achieving out there as we all are ~ missing you at home (kind of says Immy!) and counting the days till you're home &can tell us all about your amazing trip ~ so glad that the loom bands have come in useful ~ Immy " mum has decided that she wants to buy a donkey ( as well as the chickens & ducks!!) so maybe you can use your newly learnt skills to build her a shed / barn in the garden!!! She's now thinking of trying to buy Jan & Dave's garden to create her farm!!!! We are off to IKEA today to get some bits for my room & mum tried to order our blinds at the weekend & can't remember which one you wanted so we'll do that when you're backLooking forward to watching the 100 when you get back.
    Missing you lots, off to IKEA now Bye!

  9. Megan you are looking well and enjoying yourself, a world away from life here.Issy's is still helping at Dicovery School shes the queen of laminating...!
    Its my first free day today, I finshed work last week so Ive been sorting out your very dusty bedroom,awaiting your arrival,with its new colours.
    I'm surprised not to see you on cooking duties but have you introduced them to eggs on toast a taste sensation...I suppose too many healthy veggies near you.We have so many eggs and milk at home I didnt realise how much you like to use in a week.
    Im busy preparing a menu for Dads party on Saturday, so far I'm cooking for 12( even Craig & his wife are coming) so hopefully there will be belly pork & cheesecake left for you on Sunday.We are just praying for dry warm weather .
    Getting ready for Palm Springs as well aparently its hot up to 42 degrees..Thank goodness for a pool & A/C.
    Enjoy your last few dyas I'd love to see a photo of what your group has done towards the building project.All of us would love to see your achievemnt and what the last group has to do.
    Take care can't wait for a big hug and I'll have a bacon sandwich ready at home.
    Love Mum xx

  10. Vorster Family21 July 2014 at 09:58

    Hi Sweetipie, mis jou vreeslik! Really enjoy reading what you are up to. Having a lovely time in SA with sunny weather and great to see the family and catch up with friends. They all send their love and are also following the blog. Saw Marle as well and she misses you. Pappa and I are in Ballito at the moment. Spent the morning on the beach but had to move inside because of the wind. Bea is having a super time in Belgium but only heard from her once. Predictably, we haven't heard anything from Dawid, which is good news, I suppose! Have a fantastic last few days of working and enjoy your well-deserved safari. Can't wait to see you on Sunday! Baie baie liefde, Mamma en Pappa

  11. Hi Megan, well what a trial this has been posting a comment, you know what a techno fobe I am! Anyway 4th time lucky and I hope you get this. We have enjoyed reading your posts and looking at the pictures of what you and your friends have been doing, what a great achievement for you all. Hope you enjoy the last few days and safe journey home. Next time you come up and stay we will get you some porridge and bannanas rather than the Nutella and croissants! Hope izzy hasn't raided too much of your make up!

  12. Following your text format:
    Schools out for summer, home, coffee, pyjamas, reading overdue books,thinking of you, loving your traditional chitinges

  13. Hello Caity! It's Uncle Mike here! Looks like you are all doing a brilliant job building and I may have to recommend that we get you out onto one of our construction sites back in England! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

    - I can't do the signature handshake over the internet, but you know what I mean haha :) see you soon! Mike x