Saturday, 19 July 2014

Day 8: a different take...

A rather different post from today's bloggers:

"Here follows a leaf from the chronicle of camp smoosh dated Saturday, the nineteenth day of the month of July, on the year of our lord, 2014.

We reclined a full sixty minutes longer abed today (but in actuality as we went to bed an hour later last night it was thus technically little different).

On the morrow we awoke to the splendid aromas of eggs of the scrambled variety. Served in tandem with the eggs we were presented with avocado a la smoosh and all there assembled paid thanks to miss Terry, the egg cracker, miss Blyth, the avocado smoosher, and miss page, the egg consultant.

Not a moment had passed since our delightful feast, when we found ourselves swandering along the dusty path to the brick farm along the river. Here, the bricks were dispensed from the ground like pollen from a blooming flower. Some of the more muddily obliged members of our company gracefully volunteered to essay the art of brick moulding. This endeavour involved the submerging of one's digits within the sumptuous Malawian mud. These valiant tributes were: miss horn, miss tolkein, miss Caine, miss Jones, miss Blyth and miss page.

As the roaring sun soared to its apex and the time grew nigh to the midday peak, we going ourselves in a rather weary and fatigued state. 

Alas, our sojourn aside the river bank came to a sundering halt. We parambulated briskly and thus returned to our humble domicile.

We indulged our senses in a "surprising" feast of sema accompanied by vegetables and an array of condiments.

Following this satisfying repas we were graced with the presence of a clutch of local artisan craftsmen hawking their wares. Their paintings held such ocular wonderment that our eyes fill with tears from merely the recollection of their sublime beauty. Their carvings captured the true essence of the behemoths of the savannah verily as though they had been petrified in situ by some weirding magick.

Presently, we were promised a ten minute stroll to call upon a local dignitary, but were aghast to discover that "Stevie time" is not synchronised to the time upon the face of big Ben. After what seemed seven hours later a local peak was summited and we were graciously welcomed into the abodely residence belonging to the chair of the education institution situated in Manyenje. We had the fortunate opportunity to enquire of the life of the chair, his good lady wife and their eight delightful offspring. At the announce of our departure, the gracious hosts bestowed upon us a generous gift of popped corn kernels and a mysterious foreign cordial which they invited us to imbibe at our leisure.

Having perspired greatly throughout the course of our trek it was in the best interests of the entire cohort for all here assembled to be sent to their ablutions post haste.

We were treated to provisions of a sub-continental style thanks to the efforts of misses kickham and bunt, ably overseen by madame Middleton.

The celestial lights of heaven this eve were announced to be miss Blyth and Mr Tothill.

It would be remiss of us to close this journal entry without conveying the regret and displeasure of some amongst our number who are yet to be in receipt of a familiar salutation. If, as yet, you have failed to communicate with your beloved heiress, and should you feel your conscience pricked then we beseech you, at your earliest convenience, to amend this heinous oversight. In this we would be kindly obliged.

Yours from afar, the adventurers, Miss Dooley and Miss Page.

P.S. Team 3, please bring clothes for donation. Cheers.


  1. Fabulous posting for day 8....has had us in stitches! It's the Nanny and Auntie Ali (aka AA) of aforementioned Miss Jones here! We too find great joy in your blog posts....and don't go off to Bedfordshire until we have read the entry for that day! We are also very proud of the hard work that you are verily involved with.....we are aghast at the fact that one week is already completed....hope you all enjoy the remainder of your fabulous trip (it's great to see the pictures alongside your emotive words). Hugs to all xx

  2. Hi Hebe, I thought I had posted several comments but they don't appear, I hope I succeed this time. What a fantastic time you are all having, grandpa and I are quite jealous! We all miss you and look forward to seeing you and hearing your stories next weekend. Lots of love, grandma xx

  3. Hi Lydia, I got a new phone yesterday a Nokia Lumia 635 coooool green. I have broken into your wardrobe and your clothes are simply the best- I think I look really cool in them!! ( only Joking!) Missing you loads and cant wait to see you lots of love Alice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Annie Rose !
    I think that we've now cracked the IT issue so here goes !
    It looks as if you are all having a great time with the building works and the local children.
    I'm just about to go and hang your Bison head on your bedroom wall - hopefully you won't have nightmares when you lay in bed looking skywards !
    How is your hair keeping ?
    Anything nested in it yet ?!!
    What exactly are you all building and is the plan that it will be complete by the time team 3 leave Malawi ?
    I see that you are often mentioned in the cooking tasks - is this because you're always hungry ?
    I'm keen to hear about your "special showers" !
    You look good in the photograph sent through with today's blog - how is the tan coming along ?
    Have a good day,
    Luv Mummy & Daddy xxx

  5. Hi Alice and Team 2, wow, sounds like you are having an amazing time and working very hard too. Your daily update is eagerly awaited, it has become the highlight of our day! Can,t wait to see you again to hear all about your incredible experiences. Lots of love from Nana and Grandad xxx

    1. Hi Hebe, although I managed one post, this blogging site really is the most un-user-friendly technology and several other attempts have failed...but here we go again, hopefully.
      We are so enjoying the daily blogs and photos - highlight of the day!
      Very proud of you Hebe and the whole team for all the hard work which you know will be appreciated by all there. Glad to see it's not all hardworking though and still some time for fun and games.
      Aunts Dawn arrived from S Africa yesterday not only bringing a heat wave but some spectacular SA style electrical storms - wow!
      One week gone and am sure the next will fly by so enjoy every second.
      Look forward to seeing you very soon. Take care
      Lots of love and a big hug Grandma and Grandpa xxx

  6. Hi Lydia, We love getting your updates. We were wondering how you have avoided getting mentioned for the food prep! Hopefully you are getting our posts now and that they cheer you up. We can't believe you have been away for over a week already. Let us know through your postings what you are building and if you think it will be completed by the time Team 3 leave. Just taken Alice to another cricket tournament which was rained off because of thunder and lightening. The chubs send you a kiss xx lol Dad, Mum, Phoebe and Alice

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Hi Iz and the rest of Team 2. It's Sunday afternoon and we are sitting in the garden about to go in the hot tub. We've had a late birthday celebration for Dad and it's 27 degrees. We haven't had a storm today....unlike the last two days. It looks like Nanny and AA are going to win the game of Trivial Pursuit that we're playing. Strangely enough Nanny has just told us that she'd like to do a wing walk...would you like to join her (and possibly the rest of the family!). Can't believe you've been away for a week now....your Sims' ghost is waiting to be need a bit more death fish! Can't wait to see you on Sunday, with love from Mum, Dad, Immy, Nanny, Grandad, AA and Flora xxx}

  8. Salutations Team 2.

    We all howled at last nights blog. In fact we think you and your blogs are T double E, double R, double R,double I, double F, double I, double C, C, C ...

    Our next pearl of wisdom for you is taken from the wise words of Winnie the Pooh:

    "You must always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

    Like everyone else we eagerly await your daily messages and photos.

    Here's a last thought which seems very apt for you lot ...

    “When you wake up in the morning, Pooh," said Piglet at last, "what's the first thing you say to yourself?"

    "What's for breakfast?" said Pooh. "What do you say, Piglet?"

    "I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?" said Piglet.

    Pooh nodded thoughtfully. "It's the same thing," he said.”

    Enjoy the porridge and the donuts ... :-)

    Lots of love
    The Dooley's xxxx

  9. Hi Megan,
    It's Issy here! I'm getting used to you not here and not hogging the shower or toilet( I have a flushing toilet here) but I do miss you lots and lots! <3! I got you the top coat (nail polish) which you needed. You can say thank you later. I hope you are enjoying yourself out there and you are missing ME lots! It's been sunny and thunderstorms (I got scared, just saying) which I hated!
    Love you and miss you! Issy xxx <3

  10. Hi caity it's Heidi, I'm home now and missing you lots can't wait until your home but hope your having an amazing time!!!!! I'm messing your side of the room up loads!! We are having problems posting comments that's why it's taken so long for us to commentWe all miss you so much!!!! Love you bbz xxxxxx

  11. Anneka Rose hope you are having the most incredible time out there! Am following this blog all the time - N&G are too! Hope you are documenting the trip with lots of great photos. Missing you. I've been given the task of packing for Mexico for you - ahahahaha you are going to look BEAUT. Honest, trust me, I'll make sure you look gorgeous - at least, I'll do my best, with hair like yours ;) Jokes man. Darcy says 'haii'. See you soon - look forward to First Class!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep having an amazing experience Annie x

  12. HI all,
    So lovely to see so many comments going back and forth. I can't tell you how excited I am to be coming out there on Friday! Please remind Mr Tothill that Ms Hoban and I are expecting a treasure hunt of some sort when we get there. Team 2 please note that Team 3 are bringing with us two boxes of old TGS PE shirts to donate plus lots of sports equipment from another school. Enjoy the last few days! Miss Johnson