Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day 4...Messages to home

Tuesday 15th July has been written by the whole team, huddled in their dorm room supping on hot chocs after a hard days graft, with a rainy evening penning them inside...!

"Today we got stuck into some full on work on the building site. Some of us were bricklaying, some were mixing cement and some were hoeing the new play-ground. We shared our favourite mandazis with all of the builders at break time, and dinner was delicious spaghetti bolognaise made by Anika, Preet and Hebe. There was still time to enjoy teaching the children the alphabet at the feeding centre, as well as playing a game of football with some local boys, who were much better than us! 

Although its been raining today, excitement has arrived in the form of Mr Tothill's green poncho, which has been a source of much laughter and amusement for students and villagers alike! 

Everyone has settled in to the daily routine here in Manyenje, and we're all having a great time." 

Here are a few messages from the team: 

Lydia: Missing you, but having a really good time - brick laying is surprisingly theraputic! I feel settled in now and even the showers aren't that bad! Love you loads, Lydia xx

Izzi: Missing you all! Hope you had a great time in Leckford. I am having an amazing time, and the weather is great;)xx

Alice: Hi family! Missing you so so much!! I've had a great time today pretending to be a ninja with kids, hope you've been good too. Hi Tom as well and thank you for the ninja! Lots of love xx

Elizabeth: Hi everybody! we're all having a brilliant time here - Malawi's a great experience. Everythings fantastic except the showers... xx

Hebe: I can't wait to tell you all about Malawi, I'm having a great time here. I hope all your exams are going well Jemima. Miss you all, Hebe x 

Annie: Hi guys!!! Its annie here - missing me yet?!;) Hope you are all well, and that life is going on at home without me - ?! Daddy its stag time!!! Can't wait to see all of you, but Malawi is FAB-ulous, I cooked and didn't poison anyone! Mummy i got your card, and i loved it! Hi to Frazzle, your t-shirt is being well worn and i don't want to have too many snapchats when I'm back!! Mwah x Izzy - give darcy a hug and a treat from me:) Love you all bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Freya: Hi family, friends and others. Hope you're not missing me too much! I'm having a great time and havent lost anything (yet). I hope Christie's play went well, and i look forward to watching it back later, love you lots, love Freya. PS: Pizza when i get home! Thanks.

Anika: To everyone at home, friends and Phil (and Mamma and Pappa in South Africa) Malawi is such an incredible experience and I am really enjoying myself, just so you know I am now well and better and I hope you are all well too! I am missing everyone, but I look forward to seeing you when I get home. Lots of love from Anika xxx

Niamh: Hello Family, Malawi is beautiful, I'm having a great time. Hope you're all working home, see you in a while. Lots of love, Niamh.

Caitlin: Hi,Malawi is so much fun! I love it! I'm missing you all loads! I'm really enjoying doing all the project work, and its been really nice getting to know all the children. Can't wait to see you! Hi to everyone at the gym too! Love you lots! 
Caity xox 

Preet: Dear Family, I have survived the past four days and had a very enjoyable time doing both the project and the community work. Please don't worry about me, and i look forward to seeing you soon. Lots and lots of love, Preet xxx

Megan: To everyone at home, I have survived the first few days of the trip! I actually enjoyed my first shower and I have worked out a squatting technique! Its been really interesting being on the worksite, and playing with the children has been wonderful.I miss you all loads, and am desperately trying to catch up with my diary for you to read! Lots of love Meg x

Annie Cain has been working hard all evening washing up (such a star!) So she will write a message tomorrow. 

Here are some of the team practicing their new Chichewa words such as 'cement' and 'bricks' (very useful on the project site)!!


  1. Hi Team 2, Mrs M and Mr T!! Mwuli Bwanji?! (Apologies for spelling!)
    So great to see that you've all settled in so well. How are those long drops and Tippy Taps?! Still can't believe Mr T managed 12 mandazis?!! Wowzers!
    Feels very strange to be reading about your trip knowing what its like and where you are having literally just been there! Feels like yesterday and ages ago all at the same time.
    I'll be reading your blog as you continue and I wish you all an amazing time. Look after each other and pleas send my best wishes to Joseph, Stevie, Baxter, Arnold and of course Dorcas!
    Very best wishes (and Topper biscuits!) to George and Gem too!
    Miss Lowe x

  2. Hi Alice and the rest of Team 2. We are loving the blog! It is so exciting to see what you are up to everyday. Don't miss our ugly mugs. Just crack on and have the most fantastic time. We can't wait to hear all about it! Love Emma (aka Alice's mum!) xx

  3. We are really enjoying these posts on the blog,I'm glad you are enjoying your Malawian experience, hard work but lots of fun.
    Megan I'm pleased you have sorted out the squatting technique! and I hope the vegetarian diet is ok.!
    Can't wait to hear all your stories and hope you are taking plenty of photos.
    Take care & lots of love,Mum, Dad & Issy x

  4. Lovely family messages ladies, I'm sure everyone at home are loving reading your news. I know you must be feeling fairly tired after 4 days on site - I know it's really not easy and a million miles away from a holiday but remember this........without your dedication, your family support, your love for culture.....the locals would not be able to build this project, take inspiration from a group of brave young women and to see that the world really do care. Just think of the young children who cone to see you each day, to hold your hand and to be seen with you. Even when you feel you have nothing left in your reserve tanks of energy, dig deep for many are relying on you.
    I for one am so proud of you all xxxx
    Mrs Twinam xxxxx

  5. Niamh's Family16 July 2014 at 13:38

    We're all lovin' reading your daily diaries - particularly impressed by the showers and the donuts! Does this mean you haven't had to perfect the bucket technique Niamh?How very disappointing! Looking forward to the next instalment.....
    Lots of love Mum, Dad, Finn & Gigi xxxxx