Monday, 14 July 2014

Day 3: Work begins!

Today's update is from Megan and Anastasia:

'Today has been the first day working on the project with the community. One group (group 1) that included Freya, Izzi, Lydia, Preet, Niamh and Megan walked to the brick farm and created a chain passing bricks along to be built into the kiln. It was very dusty but we played games along the way. 

The other group (group 2) included Anastasia, Hebe, Annie, Elizabeth, Caitlin, Anneka and Alice worked on home improvements such as improving the sophistication of our taps!

We then had a snack of delicious Malawian doughnuts which Mr Tothill ate 12 of...

Group 1 then did more home improvements whereas group 2 went to the feeding centre and played with the children.

After lunch we went to the site and worked alongside the community to begin brick laying and filling wheelbarrows with mortar.

We then had lovely cold showers before a dinner of potatoes and veg made by Annie and Elizabeth, which was yummy.

Hugs and kisses to all,
Megan and Anastasia.

Good luck to Freya's brother in his play and good luck to Hebe's sister in her Japanese exam this week.'

Stars of the day:

Annie T for her impressive hoeing in the garden.

Preet for being there for her friends and her French-plaiting skills.

Mr T's special commendation goes to Freya and Niamh for their toil in the washing up area.


  1. Hello everyone, hope you had a great first day on site. The bricks look good and the wall looks good!
    Tell Mr Tothill......a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips - step away from the mandazis!
    Sleep well.
    Love Mrs Twinam xxx

  2. Go Mrs Mid :) Hope you are all having a wonderful time x