Sunday, 13 July 2014

Day 2: Arrival at Manyenje

Today's post is by Annie T and Aniker V:

Early this morning we were treated with a huge feast for breakfast at fisherman's rest.

We also got out first taste of Malawian porridge as well.

After that, we embarked on a rather bumpy but interesting trip to Manyenje Village. 

Along the way, we made several sightings that were far from home. The most amusing out of all these things was probably spotting a woman with an old china teapot on her head.

After settling down in our village we had a very warm welcome from everyone and met the chief in a welcoming ceremony where there was some singing, speeches by both of us and some impressive gymnastics by Caitlin.

After finishing the formal welcoming we got to participate in some dancing and fun interaction with the Manyenje children.

We have had an incredible first day and we can't wait for what is to come.

Lots of love to everyone from Annie and Aniker on behalf of team 2.'

Our Leader's Stars for today were Izzie Jones and Aniker for volunteering to wash up dinner.

Plus special mention to Niamh and Lydia for their singing in the welcome ceremony.

Some photos of the Team's arrival yesterday and of the welcoming ceremony today:

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