Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 11: final day at Manyenje

Today's post by Anika and Anneka!!

"This will be the final blog post written from our lovely temporary home in Manyenje.

Today we enjoyed our final trip to the brick farm and after a period of brick - throwing alongside community members of all ages, we were lucky enough to watch the kiln; built up by the 16000 bricks, being lit and fired after being part of the making process over the last few days. 

Despite the fact that everyone is sad to leave our little village, we enjoyed a warm sendoff by the entire Manyenje community. Our whole group paid some sort of tribute, including gym by Caitlin, drama performance starring Mr T, Hebe, Preet, Izzi and Alice. There was also a song sung by the whole group with solo duets by us (Anika and Anneka) and finally a speech by Freya and Alice. 

We were treated with some traditional African dancing which was a completely new experience and extremely impressive. 

Overall, we feel extremely privileged to have worked alongside such a welcoming community where we built new friendships with the locals  (of all ages) and each other. Although it is sad that we must now leave the village, we look forward to our safari and the beautiful sights Malawi has to offer. 

We are sure that Team 3 who are coming at the end of the week will enjoy Manyenje as much as we have (Miss Johnson - Mr T has been hard at work with your treasure hunt). We just quickly want to share some customised predeparture notes for team 3 (before was forget!) From the rest of the team: 

1) bring enough pants. You can never have enough pants! (Or socks!) 
2) remember to bring a watch. We are at the point of relying on the sun! 
3) although it wasn't reccomended, we all wish we had brought more snacks as you always want an energy boost outside meal times. 
4) only ruin 1 outfit for working. You will regret it if you don't when you want clean loungewear later. 
5) enjoy every day and record it. Time flies in Malawi and you will love looking back at each day on your diaries and cameras. 

PS: Thanks so much to all parents who have commented on the blog. Comment reading is a true highlight of our dinner! However, we are sorry we can't reply due to limited internet access. 
And in reply to you (mummy terry), I am missing chicken pie and bacon. And jacket potatoes. :)
Stars today:
George and Gem!!! The Inspire Leaders!


  1. Hi Caity,
    Looks like you have had an incredible time in the village ! We hope you and the team have a great time on your safari - don't forget to take loads of photos. We can't to see you on Sunday. The Commonwealth Games gymnastics doesn't start until next week so you won't miss anything. Janice said you look like GI Jayne in the photos. Missing you lots and lots. Love from Daddy and Mummy xxx

  2. Hi Anneka! This sounds so amazing - we love reading the blog each evening, and have no doubt that all the other families do too - this is such a great idea! Today it is my mission to pack all your clothes etc for Mexico - this means that on Sunday we can just look at your photos / sort last bits / let you sleep & SHOWER! So excited about seeing you again - its been almost 4 weeks now & I'm looking forward to giving you a big hug when we pick you up. So so much to talk about!!! I've checked - Mexico is not an Islamic country -----> PORK BACON NOT BEEF BACON WAHEY! How sad that I have actually typed that into Google!.. Must go - love you lots. Izzy x

  3. Hi Meg, thanks to all for the blogs, they have been the highlight of our evenings, I think we have worn out the "refresh" button with anticipation! Reading your exploits has made me very proud of you and as you leave the village and look back at what you and the team have achieved, give yourself a big slap on the back. I'm sure your work has enriched you and the local community. Well done! Whilst you have been away I have become a gym "bunny" working my way up to join you in zumba, mum is knitting the leg warmers as she awaits your return! Been holding off the Good Wife for you! Make the most of your last few days, enjoy the safaris and take lots of pics. We can't wait to see you on Sunday! Love "very proud" Dad! xxx

  4. Hi Team 2! Alice's mum and dad here. We don't know whether you will have internet access while on safari and so see these postings, but we just wanted to echo Niamh's father's thanks to Mrs M and Mr T. Thank you so much for making possible this life changing experience for our girls. We hope you aren't too exhausted, and that you have had as fantastic a time as the girls obviously have had from reading their blogs. We also hope you didn't get food posioning from eating Alice's cooking (just joking. she's much better than me!) Hope you all have the most wonderful time on safari. We are so proud of everything that you have achieved. Alice's mum and dad. x

  5. Dear Izzi and Team 2. Dad here. I loved Lydia’s picture, although I found some of the images a little unnerving. I am not concerned about the spotted water snakes or the big spiders - they’ll be fine if you tickle them under the chin - it’s the ‘sodas with the builders’ that I’m worried about. Mr Tothill will be acting as a capable chaperone I am sure. Keep up the good work ladies, keep munching the mandazis, lentils, chapatis and porridge. It must be quite a breezy camp come the morning! See you all on Sunday. Happy travels. Dad.

  6. Hi meg, well technology hasn't beaten me yet! Although still need your help working out u tunes when you come up. Your friends probably think you have a very old aunty, rather than one in her 30s! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and your safari with your friends. We will look forward to seeing the pictures (although not as much as seeing your dad at Zumba...eeek

  7. Enjoy the rest of your trip & take lots of photos (if you have any left to take!!) Think about what you have achieved and who you've met and the lives you have changed & think about coming home & eating shepherds pie on a really hot Sunday afternoon! Can't wait ~ love you so much ~ I'm imagining hugging you when you get off the coach & hoping you haven't grown anymore - or maybe I'll just wear my highest heels ~ luvooo Mum Xx & Immy & dad

    1. Hi again ~ still can't get the hang of this tweeting thing ~ can't seem to delete or backspace & then carry on typing so am having to resort to copying stuff & pasting it back in which I forgot to do earlier so am going to add it now but it stops a bit suddenly so I'll say bye & love you & looking forward to Sunday Xx
      Dear Iz & team 2 ~ not sure if you are going to be able to read this but hope we haven't left it too late to say a huge "ThanQ" to Mrs M & Mr T for their time & commitment in giving you girls a truly unforgettable experience that will be with you for the rest of your lives ~ we hope that they have had an amazing time as we believe you

  8. Hey Missi, you always seem to have a brick in your hand in the photo's; looking forward to seeing your biceps when you get back and especially seeing you arm wrestle spider arms (aka Cameron). Looks like you have enjoyed it. I am not quite sure how the whole brick-making/kiln thing works but you can explain that when you get back. What I do love is the rural setting which definitely has an 'out of Africa' feel to me, remembering my time in Transkei, Botswana and Swaziland. Now for the big beast of the jungle - don't leave your toes out of the tent or dangle them in the water. Got some concert tickets as a surprise for you - just remember 'Your Only Human' :-)). Love you huge sweetheart. Daddy xxxooo

  9. Hi Alice, what a fantastic time you seem to have had. You should all be very proud of yourselves for what you have achieved, we certainly are. I am sure you will have many, happy memories of your time in Malawi. We hope you have a super time on safari and can't wait to hear more about your trip when we see you in France in a few weeks.
    Loads of love from Nana, Grandad and Cassie xxx

  10. Dear Elizabeth,
    It sounds like you have had a wonderful time. Have a lovely safari, and make sure you tell Rose what birds you see! Lots of love Mummy, daddy, Robert and Rose.
    PS Poppy is doing well, although she nearly got lost in the park today (she couldnt hear us whistling)