Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 10: cartoon blog

An imaginative cartoon blog today from Lydia:


  1. Hi Freya. Love the cartoon blog but the scary spider is a bit worrying!! How are you coping with the insects? Have you seen any wildlife yet? I think you'll find home very tame when you return next weekend. I can't believe you've been there for over a week! It has gone so quickly. I think about you every day and we all are very excited to hear all about it when you get back. A massive hug and kiss to you. Mum xx

  2. I am sure that all of the TGS parent bloggers join me in a big thank you to Mrs M and Mr T for their amazing dedication and commitment and for surviving over a week (so far!) with our girls!!!!!
    Hope you are looking after them well team 2!!!
    Niamh, we love the skirt and can't wait to hear all about everything- have you cooked yet?
    Lots of love from the Dooley's xxxxx

  3. Hi Caity. We have just read the entire blog as we only found it today. Malawi looks amazing! Hope you are having a great time and taking loads of photos. Can't wait to hear all the stories when you get home. Enjoy the remainder of your trip. With love from all the Frazers xxx

  4. Hi Hebe
    This is my 3rd attempt to sent you a message so fingers crossed it works this time, guess it may be me and technology!
    Well today is your last day in the village and am sure you will all have mixed emotions. However now on to the next adventure, the safari - lucky you - hope you see lots of animals especially our favourites the cats - especially the leopard. Have a wonderful few days and enjoy every second before you head homewards. We are so looking forward to seeing you and I know mum is planning a welcome home feast!
    Dawn is loving her time in TW especially the shops! She has also been using the gym and shamed grandpa and me into joining her and not before time! Have the aches and pains to prove it but gain without pain or so they say!
    Thoroughly enjoying the blogs and photos, highlight of the day.
    All for now - take care and see you soon.
    Lots of love as always Grandma and Grandpa xxx

  5. Hi Alice, loving all the different styles of blog's. You must all have incredible imaginations. Sounds like you are still having fun and great to hear the building work is progressing well. We are all so proud of you and cannot wait to see some photo's of your finished efforts. Looks like you are having good weather too. We are sat here in the rain in France, so very envious. Hopefully it will improve by the time you arrive. Lots of love from Nana Grandad and Cassie xxx

  6. Hi Iz ~ love Lydia's cartoon blog ~ not so keen on the spider & snake information!! Started thinking about food for when you're back & Immy thinks we should have a shepherds pie ( little warm perhaps but definitely a welcome home meal!!) make sure you take some photos of your work so we can see what you've been doing & all the people that you've met ~ Enjoy your last few days - can't wait till Sunday ~ love you Xx

  7. Dear Preet,
    It was only this morning that I realised you were not in Gravesend, or in fact in England! Anyway, mummy told me to tell you that you have successfully been matched to a sponsor for an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. WELL DONE! Hope you are having a nice time. I can wait till Sunday:D
    From your caring sister, Raji

  8. Megan
    Claire & Matt have been keenly following this blog but you know technology isn't Claire's strong point, she been trying to post a blog hopefully technology won't beat her now...
    It's a hot sunny day again,Issy is busy baking @Discovery school with the stars of the week.Shes loving it.
    Just a quick point Dad got his car serviced I got them to check his squeaky brakes and there was a problem,he's squeak no more comments from you!
    Last full day in the village I hope you and all the team have achieved everything you wanted to.Please take photos of what you have achieved.
    I'm sure there will be tearful goodbyes to all your new friends and the memories of your time there will be precious ones.
    Enjoy the safari's.
    Lots of love, Mumx
    ( when these comments are read out is it like' I'm a celebrity' when they get letters from home?!!

    1. Megan,
      I've just seen Claire put a comment up yesterday.She won with technology
      Mum x

  9. Missi

    Great picture of you; impressed with how dirty you are - proper worker :-)). Nice to see a smile on your face and view of the valley and hillside behind you transports you there (metaphorically, not actually!). Hope your enjoying it; we are all looking at the blog - you have quite a following in Cain world. Just reading Cameron's Y10 report and mysteriously no one is answering phones! Looking forward to tales and photo's of Africa when you get home. Lots of love Daddy xxoo

  10. Dear Izzi and Team 2. Dad here. I loved Lydia’s picture, although I found some of the images a little unnerving. I am not concerned about the spotted water snakes or the big spiders - they’ll be fine if you tickle them under the chin - it’s the ‘sodas with the builders’ that I’m worried about. Mr Tothill will be acting as a capable chaperone I am sure. Keep up the good work ladies, keep munching the mandazis, lentils, chapatis and porridge. It must be quite a breezy camp come the morning! See you all on Sunday. Happy travels. Dad.

  11. Hi all, as you spend your last day on site, please take time to think and reflect upon your impact with this amazing project. Think about all the new things you have learnt and shared and how you will be able to share your new skills with others. Think about the impact you are having on the local community - they will never forget you!
    Have a good sleep and enjoy safari. Love Twinam x

  12. Hi Annie - WOW what a fantastic experience for you all and an opportunity to really make a difference to the lives of others. I am sure you're all having a great time and also on reflection, appreciating how fortunate we all are. Look forward to speaking soon. Term finishes here tomorrow - WOOHOO! Safe journeys, love A&M. :-)

  13. Hi Caitlin,

    Missing you hope you are having a fantastic last few days of your trip. Well done for all the great work you and your team have done. The gym has been VERY HOT as we are in the middle of a mini heatwave, all the girls say hi and the pool is waiting for a party in the sun when you get back! Love Janice xxx.